Why iTZMiNE?

It all started with twenty-five friends and family members on a Vermont lake for a July 4th celebration. During this holiday, the question, "Whose charger is this?", was heard repeatedly, followed each time by the answer, "It's mine!". With an increased awareness related to this inquiry, it was soon realized how often this question and answer combo is actually heard. We heard it in our own house and in the homes of others, in the office environment and around nurses' stations. We heard it at family weddings and on sports trips for our kids, at day and sleep away summer camps, and, really, anywhere there were people, of any age, with multiple chargers!

With this realization, the new question quickly became, "What can we do to solve this problem?". After developing some arts and craft "prototypes", it was decided that our objective would be to design a price friendly cord identifier, aiming for ease of function, while utilizing distinguishing characteristics in color and/or design, with the goal to appeal to people of all ages and interests.

Now, over twenty months later (!), we have been successful in finalizing a manufactured universal cord identifier, with a simplistic design for application and removal. At launch, it is available in seven colors, with forty-seven corresponding graphic designs (with more to come!), and the hope that this product will appeal to all those who own any type of charging cord.

Now when you hear the question, "Whose charger is this?", we hope that you, and those around you, will be able to confidently answer, "iTZMiNE!".